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Wellness Retreats

Arnalaya Beach House boasts a huge, tiered garden composed of several grass-lined steps opening onto a lawn, swimming pool and large outdoor patio. This massive outdoor space is reason enough for the villa’s popularity as a wellness retreat venue. The beachside setting makes it a tranquil haven where attendees can immerse themselves completely into the retreat and its itinerary.

The grassed garden can accommodate a large group for morning yoga or meditation sessions. Yoga on the grounds is lovely, as you soak in the peaceful atmosphere, and you can even move to the deck by the pool if the activities require a firmer ground. The garden space is also apt for gymnastics and other vigorous activities.

Dive into the 20-metre swimming pool for a host of activities such as aqua aerobics and synchronized swimming. Water has a therapeutic effect on the body and mind, be it the large swimming pool or the sound of the surf next to the villa.

The outdoor patio houses a large dining table where attendees can gather for wellness talks and discussion groups. The open-air spot allows you to take advantage of the island’s fabulous weather. If you’d like to see the sunset from a spectacular vantage point, the outdoor patio has a flat rooftop and stairs leading up to it. The space is ideal for performing surya namaskar, as it looks towards the sun with the sound of the waves in the background. This is also a great place to sit in the evening and share stories over a healthy beverage or two.

For those who seek vigorous workouts, there is a small gym on the premises, perfect for two people at a time. You can ride the air bike and rowers or use the large exercise ball with a trained instructor. The gym faces a large garden where groups may meditate, do yoga, or simply relax during their wellness retreat. An outdoor tennis court is also on-hand, making it a preferred venue for tennis groups. And the spa helps you end the day in an idyllic manner.

To find out more, get in touch with our team at [email protected], and discuss how Arnalaya Beach House can fulfil your wellness retreat needs.

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