Arnalaya Beach House - Tennis court
Arnalaya Beach House - Gym ball


Holiday relaxation can hold a very different meaning from one person to the next, but at Arnalaya Beach House we think we’ve got most of the bases covered. Our outstanding facilities are matched by sports and wellness professionals who will maximise your experience, be it a tennis clinic, a yoga retreat, a Pilates class, circuit training or a few length of the pool followed by a soothing massage in the spa and stroll along the beach.

The private tennis court at Arnalaya Beach House is set-up to international standards and guests are welcome to use the SAM ball machine and a full range of trainer balls and tennis coaching equipment. A tennis concierge service is also available, as is a sparring partner or tennis coach, according to your preference. Tennis programmes ranging from two-hour clinics to week-long training camps under the instruction of a world class coach can be organised for adults and/or children. Bring your own racket or, if luggage space is tight, chose from Arnalaya's wide selection of Babolat racket for adults and children.

The villa’s air-conditioned gym is equipped with a treadmill, Swiss balls, Pilates gear and TRX. Private or group classes with experienced personal trainers or Pilates instructors may be arranged, as can early morning or evening yoga sessions on the sunset deck.

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