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Arnalaya Beach House - Arnalaya chef


Very often it’s the staff that give a villa holiday its edge, and at Arnalaya Beach House the impeccable service you’ll receive is guaranteed to please. The Villa Manager is an expert at running a large property with a tight army of well-trained professionals primed to anticipate your every desire.  Languish in traditional Balinese hospitality delivered with international efficiency.
Villa manager
The Villa Manager is responsible for the overall operation of the estate. His job is to oversee and coordinate the staff and property, and to assist guests. He is a vault of local knowledge too. He is supported by an assistant manager ready to step in when required.
The villa’s private chef has worked internationally and brings with him a deep insight into western dishes and dietary preferences. Chef does the daily market shopping and plans your menu based on your requirements. He is always happy to prepare dishes as per your special dietary requirements or requests.
Villa attendants
A host of long-serving villa attendants look after daily housekeeping and domestic duties. They also help during meal service.
Garden & pool
A team of gardeners maintain Arnalaya Beach House’s lovely gardens and swimming pool.
Arnalaya Beach House is kept safe and secure 24-hours a day by dedicated security staff working rotating shifts.
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