Arnalaya Beach House - Dining setup


The chef has devised a menu that embraces an impressive range of international and Indonesian dishes from lunch wraps to formal multi-course dinners that will tickle your taste buds.

Always seeking out fresh and – wherever possible – organic produce, the chef is inspired by the fruit and vegetable markets of Bali and of produce from the sea.  A barbecue at the pool balé is not to be missed, with juicy steaks and fresh lobster for the carnivores and herb-marinated vegetable skewers, chargrilled sweet corn with chili lime butter and quinoa tabouleh for the lucky vegetarians of the group.  Chef has developed a healthy kids menu too, with an impressive list of traditional favourites and delicious snacks.  Watermelon granita anyone?

The villa offers an extensive priced menu of delicious gourmet meals comprising of international and Indonesian dishes. The chef can tailor meals to accommodate any special dietary requirements or specific requests. Guests are requested to provide grocery money in advance, and the staff will shop and keep the receipts for reference. It’s best to plan meals the evening before so staff can get to the early market to secure the best produce.

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Arnalaya Beach House - Dining table
Arnalaya Beach House - Indonesian fruits
Arnalaya Beach House - Healthy food
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